How the Mobile Phone Signature Works

Example: Login to FinanzOnline

The following steps will show you how to login to FinanzOnline for free using the Mobile Phone Signature.

Step 1

Step 1: Click Mobile Phone

FinanzOnline supports login with your personal Mobile Phone Signature.

You can login to FinanzOnline using the Mobile Phone Signature directly from the start page. Click "Mobile Phone" to start the login procedure with your Mobile Phone Signature.

Step 2

Step 2: Enter mobile phone number and signature password
Enter your mobile phone number and your signature password into the provided input fields and click "Identify".

Step 3

Step 3: Click Display Signature Data

A new window appears with a comparison value. You see this code for the clear identification of the current process. Depending on your settings, you can trigger the signature via the "SpeedSign app" by photographing the QR code, use your fingerprint on the smartphone, or receive an SMS with a TAN (one-time code that is valid for five minutes).

If you own a smartphone, we recommend using the app. In any case, you are given the opportunity to verify what you will sign in the next step.

Step 4

Step 4: Check Signature Data
The Signature Data contains information regarding the application and the signing person. In this way you can easily verify what you are about to sign.

Step 5

Step 5: Receive SMS with your mobile phone
In the mean time you should already have received an SMS on your mobile phone. The SMS contains the comparison value and a TAN.

Step 6

Step 6: Enter TAN contained in SMS

The obtained TAN is valid for five minutes. You only need to enter the TAN in the provided input field and click "Sign". You are now logged on to FinanzOnline.

The first time to log on to FinanzOnline, you need to assign your personal Mobile Phone Signature to your social insurance number or tax number.