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ebInterface Plugin für Word 2007 & Word 2010

Download (Author: AUSTRIAPRO)

For Mobile Phone Signature

ebInterface is an Austrian XML invoice standard, developed together by leading Austrian FIBU and ERP providers in the AUSTRIAPRO workshop on E-Billing. Using the ebIterface plugin, you can issue electronic invoices in Word and sign them using your mobile phone signature.

Available for: Windows

Secure Identification

Especially Secure Cloud Login with Mobile Phone Signature

For Mobile Phone Signature

Fabasoft Cloud is a European business cloud service provided by Fabasoft for efficient and secure online collaboration of business partners. The Mobile Phone Signature makes usage of cloud services especially secure. After a user has been logged in with the Mobile Phone Signature, Fabasoft Cloud marks the account as "trustworthy". This gives business contacts the security that the identity behind this account has been verified by the highest level of cloud security.
Available for: Platform independent, also available on tablets and smartphones

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