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The Citizen Card allows you to easily provide evidence of your identity on the Internet. For logging in to a service or to electronically sign, you are using the Citizen Card similar to your regular passport or driving license. Furthermore, the Citizen Card can be used for the creation of legally valid signatures in online procedures. These signatures are legally equivalent to handwritten signatures.

Usage of the Citizen Card is free of charge. All you need is a card-reading device for your computer. This way, the Citizen Card facilitates your access to numerous web services from both, the private and the public sector – e.g.:

  • Tax assessment
  • Insurance-data retrieval
  • Criminal-record certificate
  • Application for pension and child allowance
  • Online-kü

List of Available Applications

Retrieve List of Applications

Choose from the options below a source, from which you want to retrieve a list of available applications.
Query all Internet services of your home region or municipality at
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