Activate Your Mobile Phone Signature

Options for Mobile Phone Activation

There are various alternatives to activate your Mobile Phone Signature for free. Find all options listed below!


  • Always available
  • No card reading device and no additional software needed
  • Free of charge
  • Ideal for occasional usage

How Does it Work in Practice?

An example illustrating the usage of the Mobile Phone Signature in practice


Security and privacy play a central role in the Mobile Phone Signature concept.

  • The Mobile Phone Signature is one of the most secure methods to identify oneself on the Internet. Only the correct combination of the two factors – by name knowledge (password) and possession (mobile phone) - allows a successful login to an e-service or effects an electronic signature.
  • In addition, sophisticated cryptographic methods prevent centralized access to sensitive data of citizens so that the strict legal rules on data protection are met.
  • Since the Mobile Phone Signature is your digital identity, it is necessary to assign the “identity” securely and uniquely when issuing a Mobile Phone Signature. Therefore, the identification process is particularly important. Before issuing a Mobile Phone Signature the registration authority verifies the security features of the official photo ID presented and matches them with the person applying for the issuance. An online activation is in any case based on a high-quality identification, which happened in physical presence of the applicant and may also have happened in the past.

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